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Grateful for the stress

I can’t believe it is already December, only a few more weeks left of 2019. I hope you all had Amazing Thanksgiving meals last week and enjoyed some downtime with family and friends. I love that now it is the official start of the holiday season. I was honored to be invited to a church member’s home for Thanksgiving to share a meal at a table with her family. I also had some much needed pet therapy from her two labs who were adorable and so sweet, I am 100% a dog person. My Housemates and I also had a great time planning, executing and eating at our  friends Thanksgiving on Friday that we did as a group meal just for the four of us to connect our  own little community, I made for the first time ever Crock-pot mac and cheese, which was received very well.  

Another Month of my placement has come and gone, each day brings a new challenge to me whether it is work related, getting to know my housemates just a little bit more and seeing each of our personalities come through more, or working alongside a new resident at Brooks-Howell Home on the weekends.  It also has been a challenging and emotional roller-coaster month. I am personally dealing with stress and anxiety about some recent life changes in my life that are causing me to not sleep well and worry and stress more about others things going on in my life. I am working through the feelings and the next steps I want to take to be better and do some long term growth that I have been just trying to ignore for some time.  My Housemates have been very supportive and caring during the last few weeks as well as my Site Coordinator Selena. She has been amazing at listening to my concerns and helping me work past all the feelings I have and seeing what resources are available to me while I am here in Asheville. I writing this to say that my life is not always great and perfect as it seems. I have been very good at hiding my feelings and taking care of myself last.  One thing we as a house focus on is self-care and setting goals for ourselves and helping to keep each other accountable for them and learning what ways can we help one another accomplish our goals no matter how small they may seem. We really truly are a community that supports each other with the highs and lows of our lives while we are living here in Asheville.     

One of my favorite things is attending worship on the weekends in the media room, filled with scripture, singing and a beautiful message.

Just this past weekend while I was attending the Sunday school class at Brooks- Howell, the sermon for the day was about being grateful. What are you Grateful for? Here is a small list of things I am grateful for this year.

I am Grateful for my family and friends

I am Grateful for my Young Adult Volunteer Year and this time of new growth

I am Grateful for the many new friends and memories I have made this year

I am Grateful for the Education I was able to receive and a degree

I am Grateful for mountains that surround me, the wind and the rain that can be rough, and yes even that white freshly fallen snow

Somethings to be grateful for that you don’t always think about, A smile, handshake, a simple hello on the street could be the one thing a person needs today , be grateful that you and any  individual have the power to change how one’s person day is going just by doing something so very small but it makes a difference.

Happy Holiday Season Everyone

Love Deanna


I still have not reached my goal to support my year here in Ashville. I still need to raise   $ 1,500 to reach my goal. Please if you feel call to support my time here in North Carolina donations can be made online at the link below, Make sure to put my name in the memo line so I can receive credit towards my account. Donations can also be mailed as well. The check need to be written out to Hand and feet of Asheville.

  Hands and Feet of Asheville

        789 Merrimon Avenue,

          Asheville, NC 28804 

In the Memo Line of the check put my name

Donating Online:

Want to support a specific volunteer’s fundraising goals?

Once you click on “Donate Now” you will have the option to list their name

Other ways to support me is through prayer, cards, packages and conversations and interacting with me on my blog. My address here in Asheville is:

Deanna McDonnell

Hands and Feet Volunteer

Brooks-Howell Home

266 Merrimon Avenue

Asheville NC 28801


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